En annorlunda värld.

Nu har jag varit hemma i drygt två dagar. Världen känns fortfarande off. Det är som att jag bär färgade glasögon och allting ser lite annorlunda ut än det gjorde innan. Vad som är viktigt, för mig och för andra.

Det här skrev jag i min LiveJournal, så det är på engelska, men…

I have learned a great many things:

Enjoy silence. It might seem weird, but no, out in the middle of nowhere, it’s not quiet. When living in a village consisting mostly of children, it’s definitely not quiet. Add to that goats, chickens, insects, adults who really can’t sing, a radio with really bad signal… and when we went to town, the cars are constantly honking. And I do mean constantly. If five seconds pass without someone honking, then that’s a very long time.

Enjoy your friends. Being without them is very hard, but talking to them will brighten your day a lot when you are in brand new surroundings.

Enjoy food. Love food. I have missed vegetables, salmon, non-white bread, and so many other things. I cannot describe how much I’ve missed good food.

Enjoy solitude. I have spent the last three weeks in constant company – mostly Susanna and Carin, with whom I went to Ghana, but also with the kids and the adults at the orphanage. Also, everywhere we went, children and adults alike yelled “Obroni!” after us. “Obroni” means “white person” and it’s fair game to yell after every white person you see. With kids it’s kind of cute for a little while. With adults, I felt mostly like giving them a look and saying, “Duh. You have eyes. Go you.” Anyway, all in all, I haven’t been alone at all. It’s been good to have company in Ghana – I wouldn’t have made otherwise – but here at home, I will enjoy my solitude.

Jag har lärt mig andra saker också. Jag har insett att jag vill ha barn någon gång i mitt liv. Jag har cementerat att ja, att bli läkare är rätt. Det är det jag vill med mitt liv.


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